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With the latest fundraisers completed and check donations tallied, the total donations are astounding. We are completely overjoyed to announce that we have far surpassed our goal by over $100,000, reaching $368,035!

This total does not even begin to reflect the donated materials and labor that were given during the construction of the new house.

Amanda and Chris are so delighted to be able to enjoy their new home with baby Arabella and are so thankful and astounded at the support everyone has continued to show and provide.

We cannot say this enough: THANK YOU!


Awesome News!

We have some fantastic news to pass on from Amanda and Chris:

Arabella Grace Bernier was born on Tuesday, 4 November 2014 at 0747 hours weighing at 6.5 lbs, 19 inches long. Both peanut and mom are doing great!!

Amanda and I are very appreciative and grateful for all the prayers, positive thoughts and well wishes that we have received. We are taking it all in and enjoying this special moment with our little bundle of joy.

With Love,
Amanda, Chris and Arabella

Cards and notes are being accepted at:
North Madison Volunteer Fire Company
864 Opening Hill Rd
Madison, CT 06443

Arabella Grace

Baby Arabella Grace, born on Tuesday November 4.

Amanda, Chris, and Arabella

Mom, Dad, and Peanut all doing well.


Volunteers Help Raise a Home and Hope for the Berniers

For two months, volunteers and contractors from around the shoreline have been preparing the Bernier property for delivery of a new modular home. Their efforts were capped off on Monday when the new home was delivered in 3 sections. The pieces were lifted and placed onto a new foundation on Tuesday. “This is a great day for us,” said Brian Koczak who has been acting as one of the construction managers, along with Bob Blundon, Bill McMinn, Doug Minges, and Ed Delmonte. “It is tremendously rewarding for all the volunteers to watch as this house is put together.”

Much like an old fashioned barn raising, volunteers swarmed the site on several occasions to help. Many individual volunteer contractors also put in time for more skilled tasks. Over the course of 8 weeks they moved all the household belongings into storage, secured utilities, demolished the existing home, installed a new septic system, excavated and poured a new foundation and built framing to support the new structure.

Chris Bernier was often on site assisting and watching much of the activity, shuffling back and forth between Madison and the hospital, where Amanda is being cared for until the baby arrives. Chris captured all of the action on camera and provided Amanda with up to the minute progress reports.  Both Chris and Amanda would like to extend their deepest thanks to all who have contributed and helped make this home a reality.  The goal of the volunteers was to provide some relief from the strain on the Berniers as Amanda battles ALS. The Berniers are staying positive and focused on the health of their unborn daughter. The new home is a place for the family, and for the hope, to reside.

Special thanks to LaFata and Son, Shoreline Modular Homes, Tom Wilcox, Cherry Hill Construction, Scooby’s Trucking of Guilford, Haynes Materials of Seymour, Aiudi Concrete of Westbrook, Essex Concrete, Kyttle Sanitation, Ahearn & Sons, Simmons Quality Home Improvement, Torrison Stone, Landon Lumber, Advantage Overhead Door, Phoenix Cleaning and Restoration, Ring’s End Lumber, and Lowe’s Home Improvement.  Without the gracious help of these local businesses and contractors, this project would not have been possible, costing an estimated $350,000.

See the gallery below for pictures of the entire project.


House Modifications Moving Forward!

After careful consideration of all the options concerning their home and based on advice from construction experts, Amanda and Chris (the Berniers) have decided to purchase a small, 1580 square foot, fully wheel chair accessible, pre-manufactured home rather than attempt to modify and expand their existing house. The new home is being manufactured in Liverpool, Pennsylvania by Excel Homes who has expedited the build. A new home can be put in place quickly, which was a major consideration over trying to live through a renovation project, which would have meant a lengthy period of disruption. If the logistics work out right, the old house will be demolished and the new house put in place and livable in only 8 weeks. The Berniers are tremendously grateful for the contributions made by various contractors, including LaFata and Son, Shoreline Modular Homes, Tom Wilcox, Cherry Hill Construction, Scooby’s Trucking of Guilford, Haynes Materials of Seymour, Aiudi Concrete of Westbrook, Essex Concrete, Kyttle Sanitation, Ahearn & Sons, and Simmons Quality Home Improvement whose donation of material and labor made the option possible from a cost perspective. Amanda and Chris are hopeful to have Amanda and Peanut return to a functioning home for both mother and daughter.

As you can see from this photo, progress is being made on the house expansion.  The extension for the foundation has been poured, and is almost ready for the new modular home to be installed!   Photo Credit: Matt Lawrence

As you can see from this photo, progress is being made on the house expansion. The extension for the foundation has been poured, and is almost ready for the new modular home to be installed!
Photo Credit: Matt Lawrence


Upcoming Events

A group shot from the swim/run fundraiser

A small group shot from the swim/run fundraiser










Last night, we had a fantastic turn out for the Swim & Run for Amanda!  Nearly 100 people participated and we all had a great time!  Thank you to everyone involved. We have many different events coming up and all of them are listed on our events page.  Be sure to check out the calendar and see when you can come out and support Amanda and Chris.  Next up, we are hosting a Barre Class in Hingham, Massachusetts on July 18.  Never tried Barre?  Now’s your chance to give it a shot and help out Amanda and Chris!  The following week, on July 25, Amanda’s Angels is hosting a Pasta Dinner for Amanda and Chris at Daniel Hand High School in Madison.  The night will be filled with great food, music, and raffle prizes! Tickets are only $10, kids 5 and under are free. We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events!


Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far. The outpouring of support from everyone is truly unbelievable.

We wanted to pass this message on from Chris and Amanda:

“Amanda and I believe that in life everything happens for a reason; even if we don’t understand what that reason is. In times of such chaos in our lives the grace of God is with us and all those supporting us. There’s no denying that we have a long road ahead. However, Amanda and I are truly blessed and very much appreciative of all the thoughts, prayers, gifts, fellowship and kind words. BUT, words alone cannot express how grateful we are in our hearts in receiving so much support from family, friends, colleagues and strangers.

So we simply say: THANK YOU”



Welcome to Amanda’s Angels’ new HQ! We will be using this site to keep the community updated on upcoming fundraisers and events, to answer common questions, and to keep everyone updated with Amanda, Chris, and Peanut’s story. The GoFundMe page is still up and running for those wishing to donate here. A big, giant, humongous THANK YOU to all those who have already contributed. It means the world to all of us. Also, coming up soon will be a companion Facebook page for those wishing to follow a different way.